BARC India Plans EKAM Cross-Media Measurement Suite

TV audience rating body BARC India is rolling out a suite of digital measurement products called EKAM (Sanskrit for ‘one’), to provide the industry with a single platform for measurement across TV and digital.

EKAM is designed to allow analysis and comparison of different platforms and their offerings, integrating data from a single-source panel, large TV and digital booster panels, census-level impressions and big data on digital advertising. Its products include: Pulse, for measurement of video ad campaigns; Beam, to measure linear broadcast that is viewed on a digital device; Stream, which will measure both non-linear and pure-play digital video content; Ad-Scan, to analyse where ad budget is being spent and which sectors produce more digital ads; and Integra, to provide independent audience numbers.

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Originally posted at Daily Research News Online
11th April 2017

Jamie Kenney, Head of Digital at BARC India, will be speaking at the 2017 asi APAC Television & Video Conference in Singapore on 11th-12th May.