asiCast 112: Inside the programmatic supply chain

The recent report into transparency in the programmatic supply chain by a team from PwC for the ISBA provoked much comment. In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, CEO and Founder of BJ&A speaks with Steve Pollack, Head of Media Comms at Nestlé, UK and Ireland.

Nestlé, of course, was one of the advertisers funding the study, which involved some of the world’s largest advertisers and premium publishers – the best of the best. One can only imagine what the figures might have been had it been possible to audit the entire market.

Brian and Steve also discuss the importance of advertisers having a strong in-house team and to recognise that this is not to take anything away from media agencies but rather provides the opportunity to engage in more meaningful relationships with them.

Brian has covered this and related issues in his widely read The Cog Blog and develops some of these ideas in last week’s edition, In or Out?

To listen to the interview, press play below or click here.

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