asiCast 63 – Data science meets audience research: Part 1

In this asiCast we put two highly-respected members of our audience research community together in the same room to discuss the challenges the industry faces. Our Research Director Richard Marks speaks with Steve Wilcox, managing Director of RSMB, about the growing popularity of the term ‘data science’ and asks whether there is a distinction between that and ‘statistics’.
The conversation progresses to consider the various skill sets now required to deal with the complexity confronting us. How can these be aligned with the more traditional research disciplines we continue to rely upon?

In the second episode of our first asiCast ‘two parter’, the two discuss some of the specific terms that are widely used but often confused. For example, much work nowadays seems to be labelled ‘fusion’ – but what precisely is fusion? How does it differ from, for example, ‘ascription’, ‘imputation’ or ‘blind matching’?

Richard Marks and Steve Wilcox will both be speaking at this year’s asi International Television & Video Conference in Nice, France, on 8th-10th November.

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