asiCast 151: Currency measurement at a crossroads – business models and metrics

We recently published some thoughts on the announcement of a new US measurement body which described itself as a JIC whilst not having the characteristics of JICs anywhere else in the world. Our commentary provoked a great deal of discussion and raised a number of questions about the US measurement service and implications developments there might have on other markets.

To follow up on some of the issues raised we invited Tony Jarvis of Olympic Media Consultancy to discuss the situation with Richard Marks our Research Director. Tony has had a wealth of international experience in all aspects of media measurement and, as a Brit who has worked in the US for many years, he is able to bring a valuable perspective on these developments.

The wide-ranging interview covers a lot of issues we had raised in our original posting, not least dealing with the widely held view that JICs are not legal in the States. It seems it was established some while ago they are.

For a while now many have suggested to us that it would be instructive to look more closely at what has been happening in Outdoor measurement as there may well be lessons to be learned. Richard discusses this with Tony and his long-term involvement with GeoPath and other OOH JICs around the world. (The Global OOH Audience Measurement Guidelines issued last year can be found here).

The interview then turns to other considerations that follow from the announcement of the ‘JIC’ in the US. One of the obvious questions is where this leaves the MRC and in discussing this reference is made to this interview we conducted recently with George Ivie. The interview concludes with Tony’s view on what has been called the ‘alt.currency’ movement and reference is made to this recent report published by Deloitte.

Tony Jarvis talks with Richard Marks:

You can also listen to the interview by pressing play below.

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