asiCast 50 – Tom Denford on P&G’s transparency action plan

In this 50th asiCast, Brian Jacobs interviews Tom Denford, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the independent media consultancy ID Comms, on the significance of the speech to the A.N.A. by Mark Pritchard of P&G a few weeks ago. Tom wrote a piece on the subject entitled ‘The week that changed the media forever’. Since then, of course, there have been some significant developments with a number of advertisers expressing doubts and concerns about their digital advertising. Pritchard’s call to action has helped marketers to ask questions of their own organisations and this wide-ranging interview covers many of the issues under consideration.

Karen Nelson-Field, CEO of Media Intelligence Co, will be addressing the issue of meaningful standards for ‘viewability’ at the 2017 asi APAC Television & Video Conference in Singapore on 11th-12th May.

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