asiCast 131: US media measurement – the state of play

The media measurement community in the US has been in a certain amount of turmoil in recent weeks. In this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, asks Jane Clarke, Managing Director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), to explain some of the reasons for this.

CIMM has been part of the American Research Foundation (ARF) for some time now and Jane explains how their focus on bringing granular data to television and cross-platform media measurement is complementary to the broader research areas covered by the ARF.

Outside the US, people have been reading about the difficulties Nielsen have been experiencing in the States. Cynics would observe that this seems to happen every year but then new deals are done and everything blows over until next time. This time seems a little different and Richard asks Jane whether there is any fire behind the smoke this time around.

Jane Clarke will be joining a panel looking at the governance and funding of cross-media measurement on the last day (5th November) of this year’s online International Television & Video Conference. There will also be updates from Nathalie Bordes on the progress being made by the Association of National Advertisers in the US and by Phil Smith of ISBA on the development of Project Origin.

Jane Clarke talks with Richard Marks:

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