asiCast 123: A preview of Podcast Day 24

There has been enormous interest in recent years in the development of podcasts, and Podcast Day 24 on June 7th looks to provide a wide range of insights into what has been happening around the world.

Starting in Australia before moving to Europe and finally the US, the event has many speakers who will celebrate the rich diversity of activity throughout 24 hours and will be available both on-demand and live. In Australia it is hoped the eight hours will be in the form of a hybrid event with many people able to attend in person, whilst that option will sadly not be available in either the UK or the US due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In this asiCast, Peter Niegel of DR talks to asi’s Richard Marks about the evolution of the event out of the RadioDays Europe conference at which many delegates had expressed an interest in learning more about developments in podcasting from around the world. Peter explains how working in collaboration with the organisers of The British Podcast Awards and The Australian Podcast Awards has helped attract headline speakers.

Monetisation has been a particularly difficult problem to resolve, but there does seem to be increasingly firm evidence to indicate that a significant amount of money is being generated by this unique way of listening.

Readers can take advantage of a discounted rate to attend Podcast Day 24 – in whole or in part – by entering the promotional code PD2416. Those wanting group discounts should contact Rosie Smith (

Peter Niegel talks with Richard Marks:

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