asiCast 145: Automatic radio and hybrid television measurement

Audio and video being available to consumers anytime and anywhere presents enormous problems for those involved in audience measurement. For some years now it has been widely acknowledged that hybrid solutions are required for this evolving audio and video market.

In this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, talks to Julien Rosanvallon, Deputy Director-General of Médiamétrie, about two contributions he will be making to this year’s asi conferences. For some time now Médiamétrie has been looking at how to best develop its radio measurement and has decided that the needs of the French market are best served by adopting portable meters. This provides in-depth insights into patterns of listening, especially understanding the interaction between audio and radio and it also offers continuous measurement all year round. However, to represent adequately the variety of consumption of regional radio in France, this automatic measurement is also complemented with a new day-after recall radio survey EAR (Etude Audience Radio).

The hybrid measurement of television necessitates drawing on multiple sources of data and one of the problems is how these can be ingested into a new measurement system. Four of the largest telecom and Pay-TV operators in France are collaborating in a project that will enhance the granularity of current TV measurement. Julien talks to Richard about the many benefits and they also discuss some of the considerable challenges to be overcome.

Julien will be speaking at both the 2022 asi International Radio & Audio Conference and International Television & Video Conference on 2nd-4th November 2022 in Nice, France.

Julien Rosanvallon talks with Richard Marks:

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