asiCast 150: Joining forces to measure attention

Cross-media attention data has been available for a while in the US from a combination of TVision’s TV panel data and Lumen Research’s Digital Attention data. A growing number of clients making use of this data has persuaded the companies to collaborate and set up panels to provide a similar service in the UK.

In this asiCast Brian Jacobs, founder of BJ&A, and asi’s Richard Marks talk to Yan Liu, CEO of TVision, and Mike Follett, Managing Director of Lumen Research, about the setting up of the panels and the service they will be providing. Although the main funding model is subscription, there is a recognition that in the early days clients will want to see how they can get immediate commercial value from the data and that this will need to be determined on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

The interview also covers the panel design – its size and how it is recruited – and there is discussion as to whether the market can sustain five panels measuring TV in the UK.

The interview was recorded on 29th September and since then TVision has completed the initial round of recruitment of 750 viewers.

Yan Liu and Mike Follett talk with Brian Jacobs and Richard Marks:

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