asiCast 155: ‘Fit for TV’ – Barb Audiences expands its scope

How should Barb extend its measurement to include quality content on video sharing platforms? This was the question at the heart of the industry consultation the company’s CEO Justin Sampson announced would be undertaken at our conference last November in Nice.

In this interview, our Research Director Richard Marks explores with Justin the main conclusions of the consultation and the reasons why the company has now been renamed as Barb Audiences to better reflect the broader scope it is now embracing.

The remit for Barb Audiences has widened now to include content ‘Fit for TV’ on social media platforms like YouTube. How is that content defined and will the measurement of the advertising accompanying it be measured across online platforms?

If someone is watching a Channel 4 show on YouTube and then switches to watch a YouTuber’s channel, are they in effect switching between two different media and two different currencies whilst on the same platform? Where does that leave any attempts to establish equivalence between them?

In the context of the WFA North Star initiative and Project Origin in the UK, do single media JICs still have a role to play in a multi-platform, multi-audience landscape?

Justin also talks about the remit of Khaled Serafy, recently appointed as the company’s first Head of Data Science and the expansion of the panel to 7,000 homes.

Justin Sampson talks with Richard Marks:

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