asiCast 153: Managing complexity – wider lessons from OOH measurement

The challenges faced by those seeking to measure audiences become increasingly similar across all channels; differences in the approaches being taken are breaking down. In this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, discusses with Denise Turner, Chief Executive of Route, the approaches OOH have developed to bring together complex data sets.

Route recently issued the first data release post-pandemic and it is clear that the time lost has been put to some good use with a number of changes being introduced to the methodological approach taken. The emphasis on measuring people and their response has led outdoor to work harder to address attention and Richard and Denise consider the extent to which all media will need to move beyond exposure measures. In doing so it may be necessary to take care with how ‘attention’ is defined as there could well be the need for a different definition for each channel.

Something everyone can agree on, however, is the increased complexity in delivering people- rather than device-based metrics and the methodological approaches Route has adopted suggest it could be leading the way.

Denise Turner talks with Richard Marks:

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