asiCast 28 – Models for driving video measurement

In this asiCast, Jennie Beck, Director of Media for TNS Global and Kantar Media, discusses with our Research Director, Richard Marks, different models for measuring media consumption in the digital age. In particular, they ask what are the best options to organise video and TV measurement? Individual media JICs defend their own territory even as the boundaries between them are blurring. Multi-media JICS don’t appear to be the answer as too much power tends to gravitate towards the centre and there is too much in-fighting over who’s dominant. In many markets there are battles for control of the digital end of traditional media measurement – a TV JIC is set against the internet JIC for online video metrics. There seems no consistent model for internet measurement and, even if a JIC is involved, it has a very different role and function to other industry JICs, with very distinct needs and requirements.

Budgets remain very tight and nobody wants duplicate currencies. At a time when traditional media measurement diverges, the measurement of digital/online media seeks to converge providing the same solution across multiple media. As a consequence, there is no agreement as to how to make any progress. There would seem to be two possible options – either working with the structures we have with all the flaws, or breaking the mold.

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