asiCast 135: VAM in Canada – industry collaboration in action

The efforts being made around the world to develop cross-media measurement tend to focus on cross-platform video measurement as a first step. The work being undertaken in Canada is no exception and in this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, speaks to Neil McEneaney, President and CEO of Numeris, about the progress they are making in transforming their existing TAM service into a true cross-platform measurement product. What will VAM be reporting to the market and to what extent does this represent a game-changer? What have been the main challenges with incorporating RPD and router meter data with the existing TAM panel data?

Although not directly involved with this new service, Facebook and Google have been engaged with this development from the outset. Neil stresses the importance of collaboration to move the industry forward and celebrates the fact that the industry is now being provided with a richness of data that allows comparison of viewing between linear TV and OTT services and behaviour by device and demographics.

There are many elegant solutions to the measurement of total video being developed in many markets from which there is much to be learned. Whilst it is always important to continually question whether there are better solutions to be explored, there is also the need to recognise that speed to market is a significant requirement for a responsive industry service.

Looking beyond cross-platform video to cross-media measures, to what extent is Numeris one step ahead of the game in that the Canadian radio currency uses the same PPM panels? Could VAM be expanded to include audio and even online display?

Neil McEneaney talks with Richard Marks:

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