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asiCast 173: How UKOM integrates YouTube data

How valuable is a people-based panel as a starting point for data integration? With the direction of travel for most currencies now being towards expanding their datasets, we were keen to find out more about the integration of YouTube data into the Ipsos iris panel data that drives the UKOM… Read more

asiCast 172: Making the most of attention

Are the different methods used to evaluate attention leading to confusion in the marketplace and is there a way to determine which to adopt? There are two approaches usually taken, with one making an assessment applying biometrics whilst the other applies measures of media quality. In a recent article in… Read more

asiCast 171: Nielsen and YouTube expand measurement to CTVs

Nielsen is expanding its CTV measurement of YouTube into 11 markets so it seems an appropriate time to find out a little more about what the new service will provide. Our Research Director Richard Marks talks with Deirdre Thomas, Chief Product Officer at Nielsen Audience Measurement. Richard explores with Deirdre… Read more

asiCast 170: Managing change in challenging times for the JICs

As the TV industry and the JICs it serves face a number of common challenges around the world, Richard Marks, asi’s Research Director, interviews the new CEO of OzTAM, Karen Halligan, about the integrated VOZ service introduced in Australia to the measurement of total TV at the beginning of the… Read more

asiCast 169: Global streamers join TV’s Thinkbox

Global streaming companies have recently joined Thinkbox, the marketing body of commercial TV in the UK. In this asiCast, our Research Director Richard Marks interviews Lindsey Clay, the CEO of Thinkbox, and asks her how this came about. It would seem the need to secure advertising revenue quickly led to… Read more

asiCast 168: 2024 – a pivotal year for the global streamers

If 2023 proved to be a very problematic year for the rapidly-developing streaming market, then 2024 will prove to be pivotal as the major players seek to establish some stability and outline strategies to provide comfort to sceptical investors. In this asiCast, our Research Director Richard Marks discusses the prospects… Read more

Measurement challenges for new CEOs

The recent gathering of global specialists in audience measurement provided a valuable opportunity for the two newly-appointed CEOs of both Kantar and Nielsen to outline their current thinking in managing the complexity confronting the industry currently in interviews conducted by Omar Oakes, Editor in Chief of The Media Leader. The… Read more

Managing Complexity: 2023 Conference summary (part two)

In this second of two articles, our Research Director Richard Marks looks across the three days of our 2023 conferences in Nice to highlight some of the main themes and reflect on the current direction of travel for media and its measurement. Media owner business models are converging In part… Read more

Managing Complexity: 2023 Conference summary (part one)

In this first of two articles, our Research Director Richard Marks looks across the three days of our 2023 conferences in Nice to highlight some of the main themes and reflect on the current direction of travel for media and its measurement. Currency is not staying in its lane The… Read more

Industry challenges

In this short video from our 2023 International Television & Video Conference in Nice last week, our Research Director Richard Marks sets out some of the key challenges for media measurement and then summarises the debate across the two days of presentations and panels that followed…

2023 asi International TV & Video Conference is now SOLD OUT

We’re sorry for those still hoping to attend this year but the 2023 asi International Television & Video Conference is now sold out. There are still some tickets available for those wishing to attend the International Radio & Audio Conference ONLY. If you wish to be kept informed of our… Read more

asiCast 166: What’s in a name? Why media language matters

Evan Shapiro is one of the most reliable ‘must-read’ contributors to LinkedIn. When he recently published a piece called ‘What’s In, A Name?’ which highlighted the extent to which as an industry the media use language that simply confuses everyone, bells started ringing in asi’s offices. This was a subject… Read more

asiCast 165: What will be the consequences of Barb’s governance of CFlight?

CFlight provides total deduplicated reach and frequency analysis of both linear and on-demand broadcaster campaigns and was originally introduced into the UK market by Sky. A couple of years ago this service was extended to include other UK broadcasters and recently it was announced that the oversight and governance of… Read more

asi 2023 International Conference agendas now published

We are delighted to release the agendas to this year’s conferences, which will be held on Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th November. Join us in the Bay of Angels, Nice, for a packed event in which we promise to leave enough breathing room for debate, networking and knowledge sharing! Click… Read more

Bookings open for the 2023 asi International Conferences in Nice, France

Across all three days of this year’s event, we have had a record number of submissions, reflecting just how much is going on in media and its measurement. Agendas are taking shape and are outlined below, together with information for booking both the event and venue hotel. We are again… Read more

asiCast 164: Key takeaways from Cannes

Now the dust has started to settle after the frenzied activity generated each year at the Cannes Lions Festival, our Research Director, Richard Marks, asked Ian Whittaker of Liberty Sky Advisors for his key takeaways from the event. Having already commented on the extent to which this year seemed to… Read more

asiCast 163: The likely impact of the US writers’ and actors’ strikes

With actors joining writers and striking in the US, we thought it would be a good idea to touch base with our West Coast correspondent Guy Bisson of Ampere Analysis to explore some of the implications. Richard Marks, our Research Director, explores with Guy the main issues that are driving… Read more

asiCast 162: Has the online advertising bubble burst?

For 20 years or so it seems the advertising industry has been dominated by the supply side. The internet was the only game in town and its rapid development seemed to be funded with an unlimited supply of advertising money. In this period advertisers felt compelled to invest in digital… Read more

A question of priorities – setting the industry agenda

Getting thoughts together for this year’s asi conferences in Nice it’s clear there are very many hot topics, themes and industry issues fighting for attention just now. We thought it would be helpful to highlight the key themes that we think are significant, broadly organised by topic. As you will… Read more

asiCast 161: A hybrid future for audio measurement

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has introduced a hybrid audience measurement system Radio 360 to better measure listening everywhere and at any time across all platforms. Having tracked the development of this project over the last few years at our annual conference, in this podcast our Research Director Richard Marks speaks… Read more

asiCast 160: Subscription VOD leans even further into advertising

Disney would appear to be doubling down on advertising in the development of its business model for streaming as it increases the price gap between the paid ad-free tier and the ad-supported tier for Disney+.  With the ad tier also due to be launched in Europe later this year, Guy… Read more

asiCast 159: Tracking the changing viewing habits of SVOD subscribers

Understanding the viewing behaviour of subscribers to on-demand video can make a valuable contribution to data provided by industry currency services. In this interview Matt Ross, Managing Director of Digital i, talks to Richard Asquith about the company’s SoDA (Subscription on Demand Analytics) product. Initially launched to measure the behaviour… Read more

asiCast 158: 2023 financial prospects for media, tech and advertising

What are the current prospects for advertising spend this year and how have media agencies been doing? In what will be an occasional series looking at the financial outlook for the sector, our Research Director Richard Marks caught up with financial analyst Ian Whittaker, Founder of Liberty Sky Advisors. More… Read more

asiCast 156: The evolution of attention

The importance of attention has arisen with the attempt to determine a measure that attributes value across impressions. This was the task Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence, set out to address shortly after completing her doctorate in audience measurement, as she outlines in this interview with Brian… Read more

Change of venue for asi 2023

The 2023 asi International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Conferences will not be held in Budapest as originally planned but, for a number of reasons, will be returning to Nice, France. The dates stay as 8th to 10th November 2023 and we will be releasing details of agendas,… Read more

asiCast 155: ‘Fit for TV’ – Barb Audiences expands its scope

How should Barb extend its measurement to include quality content on video sharing platforms? This was the question at the heart of the industry consultation the company’s CEO Justin Sampson announced would be undertaken at our conference last November in Nice. In this interview, our Research Director Richard Marks explores… Read more

asiCast 154: Finnish broadcasters take the lead on cross-platform campaign measurement

Broadcasters need to take the lead in providing reliable and comprehensive cross-platform campaign measurement across their broadcast and online offers and recently the Finnish commercial broadcasters announced their plans to do so. Finland will be one of the first countries in the world to unify campaign measurement across all broadcaster… Read more

asiCast 153: Managing complexity – wider lessons from OOH measurement

The challenges faced by those seeking to measure audiences become increasingly similar across all channels; differences in the approaches being taken are breaking down. In this asiCast our Research Director, Richard Marks, discusses with Denise Turner, Chief Executive of Route, the approaches OOH have developed to bring together complex data… Read more