2022 asi International Television & Video Conference

Wednesday 2nd to Friday 4th November 2022


We’re sorry for those still hoping to attend this year but the 2022 asi International Television & Video Conference is now full. Please get in touch if you wish to be kept informed of our future conferences.

Data of all sizes

It has been three years since our last physical event in Prague and, whilst our two virtual events helped to keep the conversation going, there is so much that has happened and is changing in the world of video and its measurement.

Joint session for TV & Video and Radio & Audio delegates

In our joint session we will be debating issues of common interest to all those involved in and using video and audio measurement. How is the media eco-system evolving in terms of the balance between local and global, between linear and non-linear? Are we looking at more and more walled gardens for content and ad distribution? Where does that leave aggregators of audio and video content? Where does that leave measurement systems attempting to adapt to new technological challenges and the increasing restrictions related to privacy legislation?

Younger audiences are the holy grail for not just media owners and advertisers, but for researchers too. How can we overcome the challenges in recruiting young viewers and listeners to research and ensure they are representative?

2022 International Television & Video Conference

As streaming moves centre-stage in the distribution of content, what are the optimum models for monetisation?  Is the SVOD era phasing into one of hybrid models with ad-free and ad-funded tiers?  We’ll look at the role of AVOD and of FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) services being launched by new players like Smart TV manufacturers.  We’ll be getting fresh insights around the world in terms of the balance between streaming and broadcast, between on-demand and linear and between TV sets and other devices. From a measurement perspective, what are the relative contributions that can be made by first-party data, third-party data and now ‘zero-party’ data?

Our main focus when it comes to advertising will be the contribution audience measurement makes to communications planning. We’ll appraise the latest status of the progress towards the WFA’s North Star for cross-media measurement and look at how data can improve inter-media planning. Could the growing momentum behind attention metrics lead to their use as a currency? How can measurement keep pace with the increasing integration of advertising into content via branded content, dynamic product placement and sponsorship? What opportunities lie in gaming? What opportunities do Smart TVs offer for advertising and measurement? What do the buy and the sell side want from measurement and can these be aligned in a single service? Is the US flirtation with the idea of multiple ‘alt’ currencies a one-off or a sign of things to come?

In our audience measurement sessions, we will be looking at the latest innovations in measurement in the context of the wider direction of travel. With broadcaster-led initiatives to measure linear and VOD campaigns being introduced in a number of markets, what are the implications of services like C-Flight often being independent of the main currency?

With a hive of activity around the world, our methodological focus will be wide-ranging. Emerging early themes include the incorporation of Set Top Box data into live currencies and the opportunities offered by Smart TV data and ACR. A range of decisions need to be taken in terms of the ‘balance’ of video measurement systems: respondent-level databases or APIs?; probabilistic or deterministic methods?

What will the measurement systems of the future look like and how does the media industry need to evolve in terms of skills and infrastructure? With an increasingly central role for modelling and data science, who watches the watchers? Will auditing have an even more vital role to play?

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The 2022 asi International Television & Video Conference is generously sponsored by Nielsen.