2022 asi International Radio & Audio Conference

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Hybrid Audio

Audio has consolidated its position as a vibrant medium for both listeners and advertisers. The ways in which audio and radio can be consumed (linear, catch up, podcasts) and the local and global platforms on which it is distributed mean that it is very much a hybrid mediumAs a result, it’s no surprise that hybrid audio measurement is also on the rise, partly due to the attractions of electronic measurement panels and partly due to a need to make measurement more resilient against disruptions like the pandemic. What implications does this have for the structure and reporting of currencies? Is the direction of travel to make electronic data look like diary data or is this an opportunity to adopt new metrics for measuring radio? We’ll be looking at how portable measurement technology is evolving as well as sharing techniques for combining recall surveys, electronic panels and audio streaming data.

Meanwhile, as podcasting continues to boom, what steps are being taken to convert streams and downloads into real listening with real people? What role can subscriber log-in data play?

As more and more radio and podcasts adopt video feeds, we will be examining the benefits versus the costs and how we can best measure the wider reach of audio content? Where does this form of ‘audio-led’ video content sit best in terms of measurement currencies? Are the boundaries between video and audio starting to evaporate?

Joint session for Radio & Audio and TV & Video delegates

In our joint session we will be debating issues of common interest to all those involved in and using video and audio measurement. How is the media eco-system evolving in terms of the balance between local and global, between linear and non-linear? Are we looking at more and more walled gardens for content and ad distribution? Where does that leave aggregators of audio and video content? Where does that leave measurement systems attempting to adapt to new technological challenges and the increasing restrictions related to privacy legislation?

Younger audiences are the holy grail for not just media owners and advertisers, but for researchers too. How can we overcome the challenges in recruiting young viewers and listeners to research and ensure they are representative?

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The 2022 International Radio & Audio Conference is generously sponsored by GfK and Triton Digital.



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