2022 asi International Radio & Audio Conference

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Hybrid Audio

Audio has consolidated its position as a vibrant medium for both listeners and advertisers. The ways in which audio and radio can be consumed (linear, catch up, podcasts) and the local and global platforms on which it is distributed mean that it is very much a hybrid mediumAs a result, it’s no surprise that hybrid audio measurement is also on the rise, partly due to the attractions of electronic measurement panels and partly due to a need to make measurement more resilient against disruptions like the pandemic. What implications does this have for the structure and reporting of currencies? Is the direction of travel to make electronic data look like diary data or is this an opportunity to adopt new metrics for measuring radio? We’ll be looking at how portable measurement technology is evolving as well as sharing techniques for combining recall surveys, electronic panels and audio streaming data.

Meanwhile, as podcasting continues to boom, what steps are being taken to convert streams and downloads into real listening with real people? What role can subscriber log-in data play?

As more and more radio and podcasts adopt video feeds, we will be examining the benefits versus the costs and how we can best measure the wider reach of audio content? Where does this form of ‘audio-led’ video content sit best in terms of measurement currencies? Are the boundaries between video and audio starting to evaporate?

Joint session for Radio & Audio and TV & Video delegates

In our joint session we will be debating issues of common interest to all those involved in and using video and audio measurement. How is the media eco-system evolving in terms of the balance between local and global, between linear and non-linear? Are we looking at more and more walled gardens for content and ad distribution? Where does that leave aggregators of audio and video content? Where does that leave measurement systems attempting to adapt to new technological challenges and the increasing restrictions related to privacy legislation?

Younger audiences are the holy grail for not just media owners and advertisers, but for researchers too. How can we overcome the challenges in recruiting young viewers and listeners to research and ensure they are representative?

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The 2022 International Radio & Audio Conference is generously sponsored by GfK and Triton Digital.



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    • Session Wednesday morning
    • Date Wednesday 2nd November 2022
    • Time 09:30-12:20
    • 09:30

      Chair's opening remarks

      Paul Kennedy, Research Director, RAJAR

    • 09:40

      Post-pandemic: audio goes viral!

      Denis Florent, CEO, Denis Florent Media Group

      While we were busy washing hands and buying masks on Alibaba, the audio industry landscape has dramatically changed. Staying at home has not only modified our approach to morning and drive radio, it has also given life to a whole new audio ecosystem none of us had imagined. We’ll take a snapshot of the new audio paradigm around the planet.

    • 10:00


      An opportunity to ask questions of the morning’s first speaker.

    • Developments in electronic measurement

    • 10:10

      Introducing new wearable technology in radio audience measurement


      Prince Debrah, Global Business Partner, Nielsen

    • & Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research, NRK

      Nielsen is introducing new wearable meters in Norwegian Radio Audience Measurement, with an updated design more aligned with current wearable technology trends. We will focus on how the innovative technology can improve the panellist experience, drive broader adoption among panellists and increase engagement in demographics.

    • 10:20

      Measurement on the move: breakthroughs in future-proofing portable metering


      Arnaud Annebicque, Director of MetricLine, Médiamétrie

    • & Laurence Chausson, International Business Development Director, Kantar

      The next generation of RateOnAir portable metering is on track for commercial deployment, using Médiamétrie’s hardware and integrating content detection watermarking tech from Kantar. What were the results from initial tests in Western Europe & Scandinavia, especially from the panellist perception point of view and its impact on the ‘productivity’ of the measurement?

    • 10:30

      The sound of silence – estimating radio listening via headphones

      Marcin Bągard, Lead Data Scientist at International R&D, Nielsen

      Headphone listening is gaining popularity among various audiences. Given headphone users can not be directly metered, Nielsen is deploying a modelling procedure uniquely designed to give estimates of headphone users for radio listening. As more and more audiences are watching TV programmes and video content with headphones, Nielsen’s PPM modelling technology has wide implications for both the TV and radio measurement space.

    • 10:40

      Panel session

      Speakers from this morning’s opening session take questions from the floor.

    • 10:55


      & a chance to network

    • Blended approaches: combining electronic panels, surveys and big data

    • 11:25

      Radio360: from evolution to reality – bringing the vision to life

      Deb Hishon, Media Measurement Director, GfK ANZ

      The quest for a single and holistic radio audience measurement system has made significant progress over the past year in Australia and GfK Radio360’s launch to market draws close. GfK will be sharing milestones and insights from the data integration program that has been established for Australia, a collaborative innovation between GfK and CRA that brings together radio listening streaming census data, a wearable meter panel and a more digitised currency data set.

    • 11:40

      Launch of automatic measurement for radio in France

      Julien Rosanvallon, Deputy Director General, Médiamétrie

      From September 2022, French radio audience measurement is evolving. The EAR > National CATI survey will be supplemented by an electronic measurement panel, EAR > Insights. The EAR (Etude Audience Radio) survey thus combines the best of both methodologies – declarative and electronic – to measure radio in a context of transformation and digitalization.

    • 11:55

      Combining streaming logs and panel measurement: opportunities and challenges

      Daryl Battaglia, SVP Market Development and Strategy, Triton Digital

      Triton is exploring with several radio measurement companies around the world how streaming log-based measurement can be used in combination with their panel measurement. Triton will outline what streaming data does and does not include, how it complements panel measurement and vice versa, and propose objectives and best practices for how to approach that integration.

    • 12:10

      Panel session

      Speakers from this morning’s second session take questions from the floor.

    • 12:30


      & a chance to network

    • Session Wednesday afternoon
    • Date Wednesday 2nd November 2022
    • Time 13:40 - 14:45
    • Beyond radio

    • 13:40

      Chair's opening remarks

      Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research, NRK

    • 13:45

      Building podcast audiences internationally

      Mike Wood, Audience Development Insights Director, ACAST

    • 13:55

      How to break a bad habit (and replace it with a good one)

      Alison Winter, Head of Audiences, BBC Radio and Music

      New analysis has revealed the importance of habit in ensuring audiences value what they get from the BBC. At the same time, the once-strong radio habit is seemingly weakening over time. So BBC Radio Audiences looked to analytics techniques used for BBC Sounds to investigate linear radio data. We identified those listeners with the strongest radio habits and tried to uncover the ‘magic ingredients’ of a healthy radio habit.

    • 14:05

      Podcast measurement: what matters and why?

      Cathy Heeley, International Media Analytics Lead, Nielsen

      Podcasts continue to rise in popularity and it is necessary for creators to determine how impactful their podcasts are. To do this we must understand which podcast metrics matter, what makes a podcast successful and how this can be leveraged to engender (and measure) progress. Nielsen will examine how, why and where people listen to podcasts, the opportunities they afford for brands to reach new audiences and what podcasts bring to the marketing mix.

    • 14:15

      Podcasting with purpose

      Dusty Rhodes, Managing Director, DustPod

      When brands engage in podcasts it is with purpose and a need for results. Dusty Rhodes is a national broadcaster (Ireland/UK) who now works exclusively with brands producing public and private podcasts across Europe and Asia. He will share the benefits podcasts hold for his brand clients, the three biggest reasons they get into them and how the brands measure their return on investment.

    • 14:25

      Panel session: Beyond radio

      Our panel will address some of the critical issues when it comes to the distribution of audio content, both linear and on demand. Is it better to make content as openly accessible as possible to build reach and audiences, or to drive listeners to your own walled garden to ‘own the audience’ and maximise attribution? What role does video have to play in promoting content? What is the optimum balance between linear and on demand? Has the pandemic permanently affected the ways in which audio fits into people’s daily lives?

    • 14:45


      & a chance to network

    • Session Wednesday afternoon: Joint Session
    • Date Wednesday 2nd November 2022
    • Time 15:15-17:15
    • We’re back but what have we missed?

    • 15:15

      Welcome back!

      Mike Sainsbury, Chief Executive, asi
      Richard Marks, Research Director, asi

    • 15:25

      Chair's opening remarks

      Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research, NRK



    • 15:30

      The rising cost of attention: how escalating supply and demand drivers are disrupting engagement metrics in digital entertainment

      Tim Mulligan, EVP and Research Director, MIDiA Research

      Digital consumers are for the first time ever experiencing a combination of double-digit inflation and declining discretionary incomes. This is unleashing a battle for upscaling attention across digital entertainment services as an excess of content supply comes up against the challenges of defining what constitutes optimal engagement. In this environment content, context and monetisation models will be key to delivering optimal outcomes for ad-focused ecosystems. MIDiA Research will deliver its latest ad engagement consumer data coupled with a video and audio market overview to showcase where we are now and what 2023 will bring for the digital audio and visual ad proposition.

      Includes time for questions from the audience.

    • 15:45

      The European post-pandemic digital landscape

      Vit Smékal, Research Director, Comscore Europe

      The pandemic has changed the behaviour of business and consumers in many ways. How has the digital landscape in the main categories evolved in the last two years and what are the new opportunities across platforms in the sector?

      Includes time for questions from the audience.

    • 16:00

      Purpose, impact and value – new horizons for performance measurement

      Roberto Suárez Candel, Co-Founder and Managing Director, South 180

      The focus of audience measurement continues to be on usage, on counting and aggregating viewers and listeners. Is this really what media organizations should measure to understand and evaluate their success? Roberto will share some provocative ideas and inspiring insights about why and how impact and value measurement is emerging as a new business analysis field that helps media companies tackle transformation and become more purpose driven, relevant and successful.

      Includes time for questions from the audience.

    • 16:15

      Lessons from the Ipsos/UKOM coalface: the new old


      Ian Dowds, CEO, UK Online Measurement (UKOM)

    • & David Kapar, Chief Product Owner, Global Audience Measurement, Ipsos

      The challenges that have existed for audience measurement in the online space for several years are now coming into focus for all media owners as their static, video and audio content becomes increasingly digitised and distributed across all corners of the internet.

      Over the past 3 years Ipsos and UKOM have been developing a new approach to online measurement, Ipsos iris, in the face of increasing challenges from three particular angles. Technology companies are reducing access to device data, media businesses are reducing data availability and regulators are restricting data use, all under the banner of privacy and the right to be forgotten.

      In short, the old rules (from 5 years ago!) no longer apply and data from panels and census networks have had to be revisited with fresh thinking applied on how to utilise these resources to create a new future-ready product for online audience measurement.

      Includes time for questions from the audience.

    • 16:35

      Panel session: Reaching and recruiting young audiences and respondents

      Recruiting representative samples of young media consumers is a growing headache for all measurement currencies, both in terms of the number recruited but also in terms of how truly representative they are of their peers. Does the law of diminishing returns also apply as the costs escalate of measuring a demographic whose (traditional) media consumption continues to decline? How motivated are we to get better at measuring less? Our expert panel will evaluate new techniques to reach young audiences and weigh up the relative importance of the need for behavioural insight against the need to head count accurately.

    • 17:10

      The 2022 Tony Twyman Award for Radio & Audio

      This annual award, together with 1000 euros, is presented to the conference paper that makes the best contribution to a greater understanding of Radio & Audio and its audiences.










    • 17:15

      Close of day

    • after the conference...

      asi Network Social

      Drinks Reception

      Delegates and speakers are invited to join us for the asi Network Social drinks reception immediately after the close of the day. The reception will be held in the Azur Room directly opposite the conference room, and is kindly sponsored by Ipsos.