2021 asi International Radio & Audio and Television & Video Virtual Conferences

Monday 1st to Friday 5th November 2021

Whilst we are working towards bringing everyone together again for a physical event in 2022, we will be hosting this year’s International Conferences online once again.

As last year, we’ll be running five 2½-hour sessions across the week of Monday 1st to Friday 5th November, starting at 09:30 (London time) each day. The sessions will be available for catch-up viewing for those registered who have timezone challenges.

You can find an outline of each session below, and more detailed agendas will be added soon.

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Our sincere thanks go to those who are kindly supporting this event: Comscore, GfK, Ipsos, Kantar, Nielsen, RSMB and Triton Digital.




The 2021 asi International Radio & Audio Virtual Conference

Monday 1st November

All change for audiences and their measurement?
Audio and radio have always accompanied our daily lives, but work, life and leisure patterns are now changing radically, accelerated by the pandemic. Where does that leave breakfast shows, drivetime and the balance of linear and on demand audio? How do streaming services and podcasts fit into new ways of working and living? Podcasting continues to gain traction with audiences, and we will examine how linear and non-linear audio work together. Meanwhile, is real change also starting to happen in the way we measure radio audiences? We’ll investigate the new electronic and hybrid measurement services that have been announced recently: are we witnessing a second wave in the adoption of passive radio measurement? We’ll be hearing from, amongst others, the BBC and IPA in the UK, BRC in South Africa, NLO in the Netherlands and the EBU.


The 2021 asi International Television & Video Virtual Conference

Tuesday 2nd November

Understanding the true value of content
Content is our focus for our Tuesday session as we continue to track the streaming wars with new insights into what drives subscriptions, how the SVOD battlefield is shaping up and the optimal role for BVOD. We will be examining the increasing importance of sport in a year which has seen the Olympics, the Football Euros and turmoil in TV sports rights. Meanwhile, with the measurement industry focused on the WFA North Star for advertisers, we ask whether measurement systems can continue to serve the needs of both advertisers and content distributors. Are we using the right techniques or even the right metrics? Is it time for a radical rethink of how we measure and value content? We will gain insights from Formula 1, Ampere Analysis, NBC, Médiamétrie and the EBU amongst many others.


Wednesday 3rd November

Paying attention to the future of advertising data
Our Wednesday session has three complementary themes. After a great deal of interest in our focus on attention metrics last year, we will be looking at how attention measures are now being used in practice and the business impact they are having. We will report from the frontline of advanced TV advertising and see practical examples of how the industry is widening its understanding of how linear, VOD and social media platforms combine to drive incremental reach. Our guides for the day will include Amplified Intelligence, Facebook, TVSquared, Jellyfish and Direct Line.


Thursday 4th November

Panels: the second coming?
TV and Video currency measurement comes under the spotlight in our Thursday session. Past asi conferences have tracked the rise of streaming measurement via router meters and we will be looking at insights gained from the first fruits of these initiatives. Meanwhile, after years of focus on big data and hybrid systems, meter panels have been taken somewhat for granted, but is the humble panel about to make something of a comeback, playing a unique role in a post-cookie world? We’ll hear from BARB why it is increasing its panel in the UK, and why the Dutch TMAM initiative has panels at its core. Bringing us up to date on the latest developments in measurement will be BARB, NMO, MMS, Mediapulse and CIMM amongst others.


Friday 5th November

Cross-platform video measurement: the long and winding road
It used to be the case that the needs of different stakeholders could mostly be met by single, media-specific, gold-standard industry audience measurement studies. But digital delivery of content and ads, the availability of first-party audience data and the growing influence of subscription-funded video services, as well as Google and Facebook, are leading to a divergence in priorities amongst the stakeholders and therefore their demands of audience measurement. In this session we will examine how the currencies are evolving to meet this proliferation of needs. What are advertisers, broadcasters and agencies doing to drive the changes they want – some shared, some specific – according to their own perspectives? Is the role of the research suppliers being marginalised in this new world order and what are the implications for governance and funding of audience data? Joining the debate will be ISBA, GroupM, Median, Sky and the global measurement companies themselves.


The full conference agenda details will be released shortly.

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