2019 asi International Radio & Audio Conference

6th November 2019

Audio data for the 2020s

The 2019 asi International Radio & Audio Conference was held on 6th November 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The radio industry is entering a new decade in a far healthier state than most would have predicted at its start – including many in the industry itself. This year’s event will be posing questions as to what the audio and radio landscape will look like in the 2020s, where radio will fit within that landscape and what audio and radio measurement techniques will best serve the future development of the industry.

Podcasting is a hot topic and we will have a full session on podcasting as it relates to research and measurement, including pioneering approaches to electronic measurement of actual podcast listening. Talking of electronic measurement, is the portable meter undergoing something of a renaissance? After a few quiet years as a topic at asi, portable meters will be back centre stage as we hear about new services in the Nordics and results from testing in Switzerland and Australia.

Meanwhile, with PPM established in the US for over a decade now, what impact has there been on the radio industry there? We will also have a group of papers looking at how young audiences use audio and the challenges that presents for radio. Radio advertising remains remarkably robust and we’ll be evaluating strong evidence confirming the effectiveness of radio as a vehicle for targeting listeners at the optimum times of the day or week, maximising ROI as a result.

Joint Session for Radio & TV

If the cross-platform wars are largely being won, is cross-media measurement the next logical step? Is the TMAM initiative in the Netherlands, which brings the JICs together, the shape of things to come or a brave experiment? The advertisers are maintaining their pressure for cross-media measurement but three key questions ensue: how can it be achieved, what metric can cover audio, video and text without commoditising them and ‘dumbing down’ media planning and, above all, who pays for it?

Join us in beautiful Prague for a packed agenda in which we promise to leave enough breathing room for debate, networking and knowledge sharing!

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The 2019 International Radio & Audio Conference was generously sponsored by GfK and Triton Digital


    • Session Wednesday morning
    • Date Wednesday 6th November 2019
    • Time 09:00-12:20
    • 09:00

      Chairman's opening remarks

      Paul Kennedy, Research Director, RAJAR

    • SESSION 1 The audio landscape

    • 09:05

      Radio and podcast trends across the world – same, but different?

      James Cridland, Radio Futurologist

      Radio and audio is changing – from broadcast to podcast, live to listen-again, personalised to pre-programmed. As an international radio futurologist, and editor of podcasting newsletter Podnews, James Cridland will examine radio and podcast trends in different countries, to give an overview of the changing audio landscape and what the future may sound like.

    • 09:25

      Youth & Music: usage, curation and discovery

      Rasmus Kidde, Audience Researcher, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

      What role does music play in young people’s lives and what does the eco-system of music consumption look like? Streaming services, playlists, mood management, convenience and curation are keywords. But where does this leave traditional radio and how can broadcasters continue to be relevant to young audiences for their music consumption and discovery?

    • 09:40

      Talking about iGeneration


      Charles Lawrie, Research Surveys Manager, RAJAR

    • & Reshma Harjani, Research Director, Ipsos

      This generation are digital natives by default, born into a constantly connected world, where touchscreen devices are second nature and dials of the past seem alien. We will explore their listening habits, devices usage and how their listening repertoire is encouraged by different need states.

    • 09:55

      Taking account of headphone listening in Sweden


      Josephine Bucknull, Partner, Bucknull & Masson International Media Marketing & Research

    • & Jakob Bjur, Research Director (Media), Kantar

    • & Peter Larsson, Head of Audience Research, Swedish Radio

    • 10:10

      Panel session

      Speakers from this morning’s opening session take questions from the floor.

    • 10:30


      & a chance to network

    • SESSION 2 Portable and passive measurement: a new era?

    • 11:00

      Ten years of audio measurement in the USA – lessons learnt

      Bill Rose, SVP Product Leadership, Nielsen

      A lot has changed in the audio environment in the last ten years with increased media fragmentation sparked by the rise of digital platforms. Nielsen will share key lessons learned in audio measurement in the ten years it has been operating the PPM in the US.

    • 11:15

      The smartphone vs. the dedicated meter as electronic measurement device


      Tanja Hackenbruch, CEO, Mediapulse

    • & Rolf Müller, Global Director Business Development Media Measurement, GfK

    • 11:30

      Introducing the new measurement system in Norway – the solution adopted, the outcomes and the market reaction

      Bjarte Øgrey, Marketing and Research Director, Bauer Media Norway

    • 11:50

      Using data science to deliver consistent currency data with a hybrid measurement system – the CRA Super Pilot


      Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia

    • & Deb Hishon, Media Measurement Director, Australia and New Zealand, GfK

    • 12:00

      Panel session

      Speakers from this morning’s second session take questions from the floor.

    • 12:20


    • Session Wednesday afternoon
    • Date Wednesday 6th November 2019
    • Time 13:30 - 15:10
    • 13:30

      Chairman's opening remarks

      Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research, NRK

    • SESSION 3 Linear and non-linear audio: touched by the hand of pod

    • 13:35

      The Infinite Dial around the world

      Nino Japaridze, Vice-President, Edison Research

      Edison Research is now conducting its landmark study of digital media, the Infinite Dial, in five countries throughout the world with plans to expand further. This presentation compares and contrasts the numbers in five 2019 studies with a look to how countries in different regions are developing digital audio and discusses strategies related to streaming, podasting, smart speakers and more.

    • 13;50

      Hear and now: how targeting the right people at the right time drives ROI

      Mark Barber, Planning Director, Radiocentre UK

      Mark Barber investigates through the lens of radio advertising how speaking to people at relevant moments can enhance advertising engagement and memorability, and explores how these effects can be amplified through targeting and creative strategies. With reference to new proprietary research conducted by Neuro-Insight and existing industry studies, it seeks to provide a new dimension to understanding the effects of context on advertising.

    • 14:05

      A year of offering live and on-demand audio content – what has it told us?

      Alison Winter, Head of Audiences for Radio & Education, BBC

      BBC Sounds is one year old in November and its mix of Music, Radio and Podcasts represented a step-change for the BBC in its on-demand audio offer.  But what does it mean for linear radio to operate within a product like Sounds?  What are we learning about the mix, and consumption, of linear and non-linear content?  What are the optimum metrics to use in each area, and can we borrow on-demand measures of success to re-interpret our linear world?

    • 14:20

      A marketplace solution for measuring podcasting in Australia


      Joan Warner, CEO, Commercial Radio Australia

    • & John Rosso, President, Market Development, Triton Digital

      Consumer interest in podcasting is growing rapidly and, as expected, so is marketer interest. A fragmented ecosystem of hosting platforms and content distribution networks has resulted in a ‘wild, wild west’ of self-reported metrics. Triton Digital, in partnership with Commercial Radio Australia, has launched the first independent third-party podcast measurement and ranker in Australia. We’ll discuss the new measurement and the process of getting the market to align behind it.

    • 14:35

      Beyond downloads: RAD's development in podcasting

      Stacey Goers, Senior Product Manager, Podcasts, NPR (National Public Radio)

      Remote Audio Data can deliver on-demand audio listening metrics back to publishers on anything from the performance of ad breaks to overall episode consumption. For the past three years, NPR has worked with more than 30 different audio and analytics companies to develop, refine and launch the open source spec. Supporters of RAD hope the method can advance the industry beyond the download as the key performance metric, while also respecting user privacy and experience.

    • 14:50

      Panel session

      Speakers from this afternoon’s first session take questions from the floor.

    • 15:10


      & a chance to network

    • Session Wednesday afternoon: Joint Session
    • Date Wednesday 6th November 2019
    • Time 15:40-17:20
    • JOINT SESSION Cross-media measurement – real momentum or just a mirage?

    • 15:40

      Chairman's opening remarks

      Kristian Tolonen, Head of Audience Research, NRK



    • 15:45

      Towards standard metrics for digital video and TV campaign performances


      Valérie Morrisson, Managing Director, CESP

    • & Julien Rosanvallon, Senior Vice-President – Television & Online, Médiamétrie

    • 16:00

      The media world of progressive consumers – what can we learn about their patterns of adoption and direction of travel?


      Jeroen Verspeek, Head of Audience Measurement, BBC

    • & Paul Eldon, Global Deployment Director, Audience Measurement, Ipsos

      The BBC’s investment in ongoing cross-platform measurement has yielded 18 months of longitudinal passive data. This paper will share Ipsos and the BBC’s cluster analysis of cross-platform behaviour with a particular emphasis on the most progressive group.

    • 16:15

      Fitting square pegs in square holes – the importance of like-for-like methodologies in cross-media measurement

      Elissa Lee, Director, Advanced Measurement, Google/YouTube

    • 16:30

      The world according to the Dutch

      Johan Smit, Director, PMA

    • 16:45

      Introducing GAMMA

      Brad Bedford, Global Managing Director, GAMMA

      Four media measurement bodies: BARC (India), Médiamétrie (France), Numeris (Canada) and Video Research (Japan) formed the Global Alliance for the Measurement of Media Audiences (GAMMA) earlier this year, in an effort to chart a course for the future of Video Audience Measurement.

    • 16:50

      Panel session: Breaking down the measurement barriers

      Speakers from the Joint Audio and Video Session take questions from the floor.

    • 17:25

      The 2019 Tony Twyman Award for Radio & Audio

      RSMB LogoThis annual award of 1000 euros is presented to the conference paper that makes the best contribution to a greater understanding of Radio and its audiences. The Tony Twyman Award is generously sponsored by RSMB.










    • 17:30

      Close of day

    • after the conference...

      asi Network Social

      Drinks Reception

      Delegates and speakers are invited to join us for the asi Network Social drinks reception immediately after the close of the day. The reception will be held in the Primátor Restaurant on the ground floor of the InterContinental Prague Hotel, and is sponsored by Ipsos.