asiCast 172: Making the most of attention

Are the different methods used to evaluate attention leading to confusion in the marketplace and is there a way to determine which to adopt? There are two approaches usually taken, with one making an assessment applying biometrics whilst the other applies measures of media quality.

In a recent article in the Media Leader, Jon Waite, Global Media Director of Havas Media Network, argued that some clarity was needed about the terms currently in use and, in this asiCast, he speaks with Brian Jacobs about how this can help when selecting vendors. Jon identifies six principles for buyers to consider and discusses the extent to which the criteria he lays down have been met.

Jon argues that people need to be closely involved in the process and it can’t simply be automated despite the obvious cost implications. He references a recent event he attended at which 79% of those present claimed to have worked with attention metrics whilst only one individual claimed to have an ‘always on’ approach to applying them. In considering how this situation could be improved, the discussion also turns to including attention metrics with outcome measures like market-mix modelling.

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Jon Waite talks with Brian Jacobs:

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